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How to Save Time & Money on Marketing & Stationery

How to Save Time & Money on Marketing & Stationery

Working in a business, whether your own or someone else’s, is getting easier right? 

With all the digital devices we have, we are promised more time and better organisation – how is that working out for you so far? I suspect like the rest of us you too are on call 24/7 thanks to email, messenger and the like. Organising your work has become a priority and not wasting time on simple tasks has to be one of the easiest time savers available to gain.

Print? Yikes! Who knows about print any more? Didn’t that die out in the 90’s? 

Strangely not, in fact printed marketing and stationery has seen a resurgence due to the email fatigue we are all experiencing, none of us can resist a lumpy envelope, wondering what is inside.

So when it comes to ordering print, where do you go? How do you order?

In the first instance you may hit google, find a local printer and call them up, send and email was it for a reply, confirm the quote and email artwork, wait for an email proof back and so on.

This is the old way, time lost.

The new way? Dedicated online portal, log in to your account select the product you want upload artwork and submit. Done.

What do you need to enable this to happen? 2 simple things.

  1. A print supplier who has the capability, these are few and far between once you exclude the ‘free business card’ companies of this world(!) A supplier who you can depend on, who provides a quality and service combined with this online portal service.
  2. Trust. It is that simple, a company you can trust to charge a fair price, look for the most cost effective way to print what you need and get it done tot he standard you need it. In the long run this will save you time and money, not to mention stress.

If you would like to talk more about problems or challenges you amy have with your print needs, don’t hesitate to contact us 01963 250920 or for a free print appraisal.


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