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Remous Quality Control - What is RQC?

Remous Quality Control - What is RQC?

If you have received deliveries from us in recent months you may have noticed our RQC certificates, this is the most recent action which has arisen from our newly formalised quality control system.

Remous Quality Control is fast becoming it’s own entity – based around the Kaizen philosophy and developed through team meetings throughout the company, we are seeing results improving day by day.

Traditionally in the print industry, quality control has been inconsistent and the term ’nature of the beast’ or ‘Commercially acceptable’ has been banded around a little too liberally. 

We have always had a focus of ‘doing it once and doing it right’ but the trend of shorter run lengths and lead times has put pressure on the whole industry to automate and increase speeds. This in turn led to people relying on new technology to also be their quality control – which simply doesn’t work and led to an epiphany 12 months ago, shiny new machines do not mean perfect quality every time. 


The thought that we should be constantly analysing the products we produce has never been far from our production but systemising to deliver consistent result had never really been formalised. Print by nature is an incredibly difficult process to manage in terms of QC as machines run at such speed, there are endless variables from paper finish, ink water balance, grain direction, material surface, calliper, humidity etc etc.This led us 

embarking on regular RQC meetings to develop a feedback loop with team members to understand which touch points would allow QC checks and how we can act upon any potential issues that may be identified during the QC checks. 

So when you see the RQC certificate in the top of the box you can be confident of the checks that have been made, throughout the process – the culmination of which will be the end product.

Perfection is very difficult to achieve and problems will arise, but our Remous Quality Control system means we can appraise, adjust and change approach to ensure the same problem should not occur. 


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