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Plastic Packaging: The Need to change

Plastic Packaging: The Need to change

Recyclable Packaging

2018 has already delivered an incredible piece of news to the UK, we are moving away from non-recyclable packaging and more specifically plastics that are harmful to the environment and take centuries to degrade.

A wonder product for the last 30 years, cheap, easily formed and resilient to damage the plastics in the world are already starting to accumulate in the oceans and there are increasing (And frankly frighteningly high) amounts of fish found with traces of plastics in their system.

The announcement by the Iceland Supermarket of their commitment to be completely recyclable packaging by 2020 was a shock to say the least, but now puts pressure on other UK chains to follow suit. This was further confirmed by Theresa May’s 25 year environmental plan which sees commitments to changing packaging trends in supermarkets.


So what are the alternatives? What packaging will we all be unwrapping in the future?

Packaging that is sustainable, recyclable and simple to manufacture. Cardboard.

The ultimate in ecologically sounds materials, wood has been used for millennia in all aspects of life but the cardboard product is now at a level where it can be made into a huge range of packaging products.

Wood pulp used in paper and card is almost exclusively virgin pulp grown from farmed forests dedicated for paper manufacture. In fact, total forests acreage has grown in the last 5 years – which will only continue to do so as we turn our backs on the plastics industry.

This is great for the environment, great for UK industry, great for end users.

We have a dedicated packaging arm within Remous – Short Run packaging Which we are very proud to say is very much an environmentally sound packaging manufacturer. Our Production facility not only recycles all the waste card, but also plastic wrapping and aluminium plates. Our low energy Hybrid UV press uses up to 60% less power than most UV packaging presses and the inks are fully synthetic – using no mineral oils!

This makes our packaging products responsibly sourced and manufactured, everything from Vape Boxes to Header cards or Whiskey bottle boxes to Biscuit boxes, you can also be safe in the knowledge that not only will it all be recyclable after use, but so is the material waste created during the manufacturing process.


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