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Marketing Your Business this Autumn

Marketing Your Business this Autumn

October can often become the forgotten month, with industries having different peaks and troughs, the build up to Christmas often consumes November with it, September is when everyone gets back to work after the summer and October ends up sat somewhere in between, this provides a marketing opportunity!

So if you are looking grow your business and generate more sales through your marketing message, what options do you have at this time of year? The simple answer is many… There are endless opportunities to develop more interest in your business and form that generate enquiries for your product or services. A quick and easy campaign can be based on the national holidays or events that are in the near future, before we arrive at the festive period we have Halloween, closely followed by Bonfire Night. These are reasons to talk with your clients, an offer based around these celebrations can give you an opportunity to get in touch and dare I say it, the discerning consumer is likely to expect something special relating these events.

The reality is, many of your competitors are unlikely to make the effort to execute a marketing campaign at any time of year so creating and sending something will be 99% more than the majority of your competition will do!

If we are to take Bonfire Night as an example, what ‘explosive’ (!) offers would you be able to provide clients? 

Even more pertinent, how would you execute the marketing campaign? 

It isn’t as complex as you may think, but providers are available to help (Us included) most of the work can be carried out in house but marketing is all about the planning as well as the execution. The important lesson to remember is you don’t simply send an email or mail short and then sit back to watch the orders roll in. It must be a multitouch campaign using more than one media campaign to deliver the message and the offer.

Here is our easy 5 step process to help you design your Marketing Campaign

1. You can start will a personalised mail piece, this could contain a  discount code or reference to the offer.

2. This can then be followed up with an email campaign contains the link/code to your website where they can order or express interest via enquiry form.

3. Follow up phone call to see check the client received the mail piece and answer any questions.

4. Email reminder, in case the first hadn’t arrived, which includes the end date of the campaign.

5. Post thank you note to each an every client that responded positively to your campaign, this is both courteous and appreciated when you show gratitude to your clients. Thanking people for their interest/purchase will only ever be a positive activity for both you and your clients.

What now? Get started! This simple 5 step process can be used for any industry, any product and will promote your brand to as many people as you choose, what could be better? We have given you this 5 step process as free article which you can use to generate your own marketing campaigns, if you would prefer to have some support in the process and discuss how to approach it in more detail, or even outsource the whole process then please talk to us. We can help. 

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