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How Can Print Win YOU More Clients?

How Can Print Win YOU More Clients?


It takes more than a website to win more clients!

Many people are still flogging the same old sales funnel, it used to be sales reps knocking on doors, then everyone got a website and businesses left it at that thinking their smart new website would generate lots of sales. But wait, that didn’t happen in a lot of cases because no one knew it was there!   Recently we have seen a resurgence in printed marketing thanks to the way the industry has updated, adapted and created more possibilities to catch the prospects’ attention.

And dynamic print suppliers who see the bigger picture are singing the praises of complementary marketing activities – combining the best of them to create a holistic campaign that includes electronic marketing, tangible marketing and ‘FaceTime’ with the client or prospect.

A website alone can’t deliver all you need, it can work for you, as can a sales rep, but to be ‘that’ company people talk about and want to work with, you will need to have far more than just one marketing activity.  By using complementary marketing activity you can create a cumulative  effect which increases your success rate.

So Mr or Mrs Buyer, how do we grab your attention?!

Let’s look at two ways: old and new.

Old: Cold calling, knock on the door, call on the phone, which ever you prefer, you have the name of the marketing manager representing your dream client. You call and ask to speak to this person, if your luck is in, you may get through (unlikely at first attempt) and proceed to explain why this person should buy your product or service. ‘Because we offer great service and prices’ Sound inspired? No, didn’t think so. Perseverance is key, so you promise to send a brochure in the post and arrange to call in a couple of weeks. Strangely you can’t get through on the second call…..

New: Research this person and company before you start (why do you think Google was invented?), follow their Twitter feed, “Like” and comment on their Facebook page and look them up – maybe connect – on LinkedIn. Something to be aware of is they may not accept an out of the blue invite to connect – it could be better to ask a shared connection to “introduce” you. And Bingo! You have already put your name in the ring without even calling. People and businesses are much more social media savvy. From this you can now begin a more direct approach, you can create a personalised brochure, describing how you may be able to help this person in their job. The brochure can have their name throughout, together with their company logo on the front next to yours!

Follow this up with an invite to a meeting, but introduce the fact you are also going to call on the phone; include a link to your website via QR code. But wait, how do we send this invite? An A4 desktop pop up banner of course – bespoke to this person. Who could fail to be impressed? You then call and whilst on the phone send the link to your website, maybe a bespoke page for this client if you are using CMS. 

This is a more rounded and effective way to approach the prospect you want to work with and this gives you the absolute optimum opportunity to meet this person and, even better, by utilising the holistic marketing approach you have already displayed how motivated you are to work with them and your organised and professional approach – all that before you even walk in their office.

If you would like to consult with us on how we can help this happen for you, call us, email us, Tweet us or find me on LinkedIn.


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