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How Can Print Help Graphic Design 2016?

How Can Print Help Graphic Design 2016?

The Print Industry is going through a rapid transformation, as ever it may not seem like it at the time but when we look back I am sure the last 3 years were pivotal for both Print and Graphic Design.

The great news is for Graphic Design and Creatives – this is a fantastic time to be working in this industry!  Integrated multichannel marketing, new print products and services allowing a creative free reign means you can deliver incredible design with out restraint. We believe the future is likely to become even richer with new ideas and development making the likes of clickable paper and personalised catalogues the norm.

Personalisation – Although this has been around for many years now, it is only just becoming usable at the day to day commercial print level, often considered a dark art and of course completely reliant on data quality and consent. We have seen exponential growth in personalisation of print and it is still on a relatively small sale in our company. Barcoding, QR coding and personalisation of brochures is growing fast – a tool Graphic Designers can use and incorporate into the marketing mix and of course designing the campaign with that in mind creates more effective ROI.

Digital Print Technology – Again this has been around for years now, but to what standard? Digital print quality used to be unreliable at best, with poor registration,  banding and poor colour consistency. The meant Graphic Design had to some how compensate when it was to be printed digitally. In the last 2 to 3 years we have seen digital print grow and become part of mainstream print production. Graphic Designers can design the most elaborate brochures with read overs, light tints, all colours and decorative print finishing with out concern on quality. Our investment in Ricoh Production print technology has enabled us to offer a full production facility for short run print of any kind for Graphic Design agencies around the UK. The opportunities when combined with Personalisation are endless.

Lightcure Print – Also known as Hybrid Ultra Violet Print, ink curing has been an explosion across the UK and prior to that mainland European print industry. Very well documented on our blog and with any of our clients, the litho print process has become instant, clean, low power and efficient. We installed the first 5 colour HUV in the UK and have been able to unleash the opportunities for creative graphic design; especially effective on uncoated papers you can design what ever you choose, without fear of dry back or marking or long lead times. Uncoated and matt papers are more ‘en vogue’ than ever – due to the recycled feel and more natural feel, but for 99% of print companies cause real issues, if they are honest they will tell you what they are. This development has brought litho print and digital print a lot closer in proximity mean proactive print suppliers can offer either/or at the most economical price break. 

Fore Graphic Designers and Creative Agencies 2016 has be the biggest opportunity to win more clients, be more creative and deliver clients graphic design with more impact than ever before.

If you would like to know more about how we can partner you in your 2016 aspirations contact us here

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