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Fujifilm - Chemistry-Free Plates

Fujifilm - Chemistry-Free Plates

We have been approached to feature in a press release for Fuji Film UK!

During 2017 Fujifilm approached us to test their new Chemistry-Free printing plates.

These would save time AND processing which makes them even more environmentally friendly than our already clean plate system.
In 2018 we became one of the first companies in the UK to use the new eco-friendly plate system and have seen fantastic results, with the added benefit of requiring no gum, chemistry or processing at all.

In combination with this, the plate delivers more stability over longer print runs on our Lightcure press which uses the Komori HUV drying system, so delivering greater consistency and print quality all round.

As an early adopter, Fujifilm wanted us to appear in their marketing campaign. Some interviews later, a photographer duly arrived spending almost 90 minutes setting up to achieve just the one photo required!

Joking aside, this was another valid step toward our commitment to sustainable and morally responsible print and packaging. We’re are very proud to have partnered with Fujifilm UK on this and look forward to more developments in the coming months and years.

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