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DRUPA 2024 - Remous Print

DRUPA 2024 - Remous Print

Drupa, the world’s largest print show, has become synonymous with ‘the future,’ exciting print companies worldwide with the next big thing. I missed the last one (held every 4 years) due to new factory plans, but this time I attended, albeit for just 48 hours (the show runs for 12 days in Düsseldorf). It was a reminder that client needs should drive demand, not just technology, despite manufacturers’ best efforts.

What do manufacturers say the future holds?
Automation. I’ve never seen so much robotic technology on folding machines, guillotines, and even pallet movements between processes.

For the average UK print company (fewer in number now), this may seem like science fiction. However, with a shortage of skilled staff and immense pressure to reduce costs and lead time—plus a 20% rise in living wage over recent years—automation has become more attractive.

For Remous Print, automation is unlikely. We operate in a bespoke marketplace with clients preferring short to medium run lengths. Jobs over 20,000 sheets make robotic automation viable, but for anything less, we’re proud to rely on our skilled, qualified team.

Looking ahead, we’ll continue investing in technology that allows shorter setup times, high quality, and consistency, focusing on client needs rather than what manufacturers are selling.

Things I learned!

  • The print industry is still in post-COVID consolidation.
  • Currywurst is both wonderful and dreadful at the same time.
  • Our technology and manufacturers are still the right choice (phew).
  • German taxi drivers are generally angry about something.
  • Print is an increasingly advanced, tech-based industry.
  • Print has a very healthy and vibrant future.
  • Print has become a leader in environmentally friendly manufacturing, delivering carbon-neutral, recyclable packaging and printed collateral.
  • GCSE German escaped me, and I spent 5 minutes asking a taxi driver if he would like a potato.

We’ve seen increased demand for our services, pushing capacity a bit, so there might be some news around that soon. Most importantly, it’s reassuring to see an exciting and vibrant future for the print industry.

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