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Carbon Captured Paper - Enhanced!

Carbon Captured Paper - Enhanced!

Now over 12 months on from our initial offering of Carbon Captured paper used to create your printed marketing, I am pleased to share the news we can now offer both UK and WorldWide Carbon Capture Schemes!

We have seen a strong change of direction from the ever decreasing range of recycled paper to carbon captured paper, which we believe to be the right direction for paper production.

We only use paper made from forests specifically grown for that purpose, mostly northern European, which is completely sustainable. In fact the preconception that paper is bad for the environment is still reinforced by the ‘do you really need to print this email’ message we see all too often. The reality being the explosion in electronic devices of the last 20 years is a recycling crisis waiting in the wings, with precious metals being mined (using questionable labour) to create these devices.

The reality of the UK & European paper usage and manufacture is a very positive story, forestry is growing by an area the size of 1500 football pitches a day!

Between 2005 & 2015 European Forestry are by an area the size of Switzerland, which is a fantastic statistic.

So what more can we do? 

Carbon Capture. 

By capturing the carbon created in the production of the paper, we can not only see forestry continue to grow but also with zero carbon impact on the planet.

Carbon is captured by planting more trees, building the lush green forests which are so critical in converting Co2 into Oxygen.

We Launched with the Forest Carbon trust in March 2019 but we are now able to offer a Worldwide scheme, with patrons such as Sir David Attenborough, Steve Backshall and Chris Packham The World Land Trust as the name suggests works around the globe. It buys land, plants forests protects species and reserves in many of the countries where the the world’s ecosystem is often ignored.

So you can literally impact climate change in an incredibly positive way, either through our UK scheme the Forest Carbon Trust or World Land Trust where your trees will be planted worldwide!

Both schemes provide this for an incredibly low investment.

How does it work?

Simply request your paper is carbon offset at the point of quote and we will do the rest, we can issue certificates and license numbers should you wish to add this to your artwork too!

Looking for a decorative print finish without the use of potentially harmful, un-recyclable laminates? We have recently developed our very own ‘hi-lite’ technology that offers a unique, eye-catching finish whilst remaining entirely eco-friendly. Click here to read more about it or click here to contact us.

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