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5 Easy Tips for Happy Clients and Business Growth

5 Easy Tips for Happy Clients and Business Growth

5 Easy Tips for Happy Clients and Business Growth

Marketing and promotion are all about winning you more clients and business growth but what happens then?

For many small businesses client care and development can become a little lost in the melee of getting the work done on time!

Here is a quick guide which can give some insight into client care and after-sales, plus some ideas on how you can develop your relationship to enhance your own marketing.

This ensures the budget invested in marketing to prospects, once they have become clients, is not money wasted but the beginning of a long term working relationship, some thing we aim to achieve with every single client.


1. Be Accessible

That personal touch is often lost in business but at the same time part of your marketing mix (even speaking as a print company!) should include accessibility via every medium, social media, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profile, Twitter account as well as the telephone. Being there when a client needs you will make you the dependable supplier.

2. Be Prompt

Don’t leave it till the morning as tomorrow never comes! From the data we have collated, clients expecting everything faster – this is due in part to the change in buying habits, we buy from the Amazon (for example) and expect next day delivery, technology means faster response and expectation of shorter lead times. So as a business the ability to deliver a fast response to any query will install confidence and of course this virtue can be highlighting in you marketing.

3. Keep it Fresh!

It may be the 100th time you have produced this order, but for your clients this one will be just as important as the first. Taking an order or a customer for granted will be a grave error which could come back to haunt you. Make your clients feel special, appreciate each and every order no matter how big or small. You can always do something a little different – something we are seeing make a comeback is sending a thank you card – a simple cost effective marketing tool.

4. Share helpful content

Support, advice, buying guides, all the problems & questions clients have can most likely be answered by you. Why not offer the advice for free to your client base? A simple newsletter printed and mailed, a ‘how to’ booklet and in addition blog posts. All these pieces of helpful advice will position you as the expert and give you clients an easier time buying product or services from your business.

5. When Problems Occur

This is an amazing opportunity! When things have gone wrong, it happens and anyone who says they do not make mistakes is probably in denial. But you can turn this adversity into opportunity, if there is an issue with your product or service, from your client’s point of view they will be concerned, even worried about if you will correct it. Your time to shine, go over and above to put the wrong right and you will have a good news story and referral partner for many years to come. 

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If you would like to discuss more about client care and how you can use this in your marketing please dont hesitate to get in touch. We can help you deliver this message to your prospects and clients to grow and develop your business.


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