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We take the environmental aspect of our industry very seriously but also believe actions speak louder than accreditations.

  • There are so many people ‘selling’ ISO9001 accreditations which have become little more than passing a test rather than a holistic approach to environmental company procedure.
  • We use only process-less plates requiring no development or fixing
  • All our papers are from farmed, replenished paper mills, trees grown specifically for paper production, all of which are fully recyclable and either PEFC or FSC accredited.
  • We have recently introduced a Carbon Captured stock option for those that would like to have the least possible environmental impact. See more about it here.

  • Our Komori HUV press emits no ozone, uses no alcohol and uses 30% less power than a traditional UV press. It also creates less waste than virtually any other press available today.
  • Blankets are washed using minimal solvent, as wash rolls are pre-impregnated. The most efficient way to clean the machine.
  • All our waste paper is recycled along with all plastics
  • All printing plates are recycled monthly
  • All wash clothes are rewashed as opposed to disposable man made wipes. 

These are all real conscious actions that make our production facility as environmentally friendly as possible, the days of print being a ‘dirty’ trade have long gone, we are proud of our efforts to reduce waste and use virtually no chemistry in the print process.